Yes Chef Lite is a delicious balance of nutrition and flavour. Enjoy lighter, calorie controlled meals to help you slim down, and nourish your body.

Yes Chef Lite has a dedicated team of specialist practitioners working together to merge nutrition, modern science, health and food craft to create meal plans designed for weight loss that are fresh, simple, balanced and delicious.

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Weight loss done right!

Yes Chef Lite aims to change your food habits and lifestyle patterns for the better, in a way that is kind to the body, convenient, and absolutely delicious. Try our 3 day or 5 day weekly subscriptions, or our 4 week or 8 week meal programs, where we provide you with the nutritional breakdown, portioned-controlled meals and kilojoule count, to educate and help you slim down and achieve your health goals!

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Our approach

All Yes Chef Lite meals are designed around 400 calories to support a healthy diet and weight loss program. You will find a program that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle, to ensure you eat well without the hassle or fuss of meal planning or preparation. Simply order by Wednesday night for the week ahead.

Freshness guaranteed
Our meals are made fresh to order! Our longer programs are designed with two delivery drops throughout the week, on a Monday and Thursday, so you can enjoy freshness all week long.

Simple to serve
For your convenience, all Yes Chef Lite dishes are presented with minimal heating and assembly instructions.

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Nutritionally verified meal choices
Executive Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist Kacy Thurlow joins our Head Chef Rob Crichton, to present Yes Chef Lite’s inspired weekly well-being and weight loss menu. Recipes are balanced to ensure nutritional density and abundance of texture, colour and flavour. Dine daily on whole food based dishes made with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed pastured meats, wild fish and artisan grains.

Revitalise. Rebalance. Refocus.

Compostable Packaging & Collection

To reduce our footprint, all packaging except for foil trays is fully compostable.

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