Our signature weight loss meal program is a celebration of food and flavour. Lose weight the fun way, with chef-prepared, calorie-controlled gourmet meals, delivered to your door.

Executive Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist Kacy Thurlow joins Executive Chef Rob Crichton to present Ready Set Slim’s inspired weekly wellbeing and weight loss menu. Recipes are balanced to ensure nutritional density and abundance of texture, colour and flavour. Dine daily on wholefood-based dishes made with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed pastured meats, wild fish and artisan grains.

Revitalise. Rebalance. Refocus.

8 Week Program

Special Introductory Price – Save 10%

8 Week Program

Lunch & Dinner
6 days
$200 per week

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Flexibility that Works for You

Available in lunch & dinner and dinner-only packages in 3 day, 5 day and 8 week plans, you will find a program that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle. Simply order by Thursday 5pm for the week ahead.

Freshness Guaranteed

Our longer programs are designed around multiple delivery drops throughout the week, so you can enjoy freshness all week long.

Simple to Serve

For your convenience, all Yes Chef! dishes are presented with minimal heating and assembly instructions of no more than one, two or three steps.