Meet Chef Rob Crichton,

Our Executive Chef

Rob started cooking professionally at 15 years old, refining his skills in some of Britain’s most acclaimed Michelin Star restaurants. After moving to Sydney, he donned his chef hat again to work with celebrity chef, Luke Mangan, at Salt Restaurant in Darlinghurst.

Fun fact: Rob was a chef for the McLaren Formula 1 team for seven years. But his real passion outside the kitchen is on a bicycle, not a race car! Rob rides up to 200kms a week!

When it comes to cooking, Rob is known for his exceptional execution of modern, seasonal cuisine. Now Executive Chef at Grand Pacific Group, he is well equipped with managing kitchens.

As a keen athlete, Rob knows how fresh, healthy, and flavoursome food can improve peoples’ lives. And this shows in each and every Yes Chef meal...

Meet Mark Holmes,

Our General Manager

Mark Holmes is a tried and true industry veteran.

He started his culinary journey in Melbourne, when the Australian food scene started to attract chefs from all over the world. Having been at Grand Pacific Group for over 17 years and 8 venues later, he’s just as enthusiastic and inspired as ever.

Fun fact: Mark is born on the 29th of February - meaning he only has his actual birthday every four years. Forever young!

Yes Chef! brings Mark’s passion and values to the fore, delivering the same commitment, energy and excellence that brought him success throughout years.

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