Chef to table

Our chefs have worked with dieticians and nutritionists to put your health first. They’ve merged art and science to craft meal plans that help your body thrive with flavourful, nutrient-dense veggies and proteins.

You’ll enjoy the finest seasonal produce from local suppliers. Plus, our food tastes better because it’s delivered fast and fresh – not lifeless and frozen.  

So, avoid the hassle of meal planning and prep with Yes Chef Support your health goals and get your time back time for things you love.


Restaurant Ready​

Healthy & Nutritious​

Delivered Fresh

Our Meals

Whether you're looking for a weekly meal plan or just a few meals – we’ve got you covered!  

Just pause, switch, or cancel any time by the weekly cut-off – we understand the need for flexibility!

Your dietary preference

All mixed diets and special requirements are covered. Choose from our classic, gluten-free, vegetarian or pescatarian options. 

Perfectly Portioned

To cater to different appetites and health goes, all our meals come in two sizes, nourish and lite.​

Yes Chef! Nourish: Around 550 calories per meal. This product is ideal for those with a regular sized appetite, who want to eat well, seeking convenience. You can be confident knowing you are fuelling your body with nutritious and delicious food.

Yes Chef! Lite: Around 400 calories per meal. This product is ideal for those with a smaller appetite or those looking for weight loss. You can be confident you are eating well balanced, nutritional meals to support your health goals.


Enjoy a well-balanced diet with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, premium meats, fish, and proteins. Our meals are gluten-free, nutrition-rich, and mouth-wateringly delicious. It’s clean eating at its finest and flavour without limits. 


Our vegetarian options are gluten-free and packed with ingredients from local produce. Our meals balance fresh and seasonal elements to reduce the time from farm to plate. Let the wholesome flavours from our organic fruit and veg tell your taste buds everything you need to know. 


With the focus on fish and plant-based food, our pescatarian meal options are packed with flavour and great quality produce. Have confidence in our clean eating, gluten free options and enjoy the consistent great taste.