Meet Kacy Thurlow: Yes Chef Lite’s in-house Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist Kacy Thurlow joins our Head Chef Rob Crichton, to present Yes Chef Lite’s inspired weekly well-being and weight loss menu.

Please describe your wellness philosophy

My wellness philosophy is one of abundance. Abundance in many forms including whole foods that nourish and heal the body, positive mindset including thoughts and feelings, movement, plenty of sleep and an environment with minimal exposure to toxins – (from chemicals to the people we surround ourselves with.)

What are some of the common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight?

Trying to start a ‘diet’, starting a diet, failing, trying a new diet and losing weight, going back to previous habits, putting weight back on and deciding to diet again…in other words ‘yoyo’ dieting.

Rather that trying to restrict ourselves with following fad diets, I teach people lifestyle changes that are slowly implemented into daily life that become new habits that are carried on for a lifetime.

If you had 3 core mantras for wellbeing and weight loss, what would they be?

Positive mindset creates opportunity

  • Learn to meditate, to control negative thought patterns and emotions, build mindfulness practices into daily life (gratitude/journaling)

Everything in moderation

  • We want to feel like we are living well and not from a place of lack. Moderation is key to achieving optimal health and wellbeing for long-term results

Repeating positives mantras in the morning before we start our day can help set us up for success! We must be our own biggest fan! This may be something like…

“Nothing can stop me today, I can only stop myself”

“I am going to love myself no matter what”

“I deserve love and joy”

“I am worthy”

What kind of results and outcomes can people expect from Yes Chef Lite’s meal programs?

This program is based on wholesome, nourishing foods that are built into recipes that fuel the body and allow the body to function optimally!

Results including weight loss, improved mental clarity, reduced fatigue, increased energy & increased productivity can all be expected from following the Yes Chef Lite program.

What are your 3 favourite ingredients?

1. Liver

2. Ghee

3. Broth

What are the benefits of a long-term approach to weight loss and wellness vs taking things week by week?

To succeed with long-term weight loss, you must have a long-term approach. This does not look like following an intense, calorie restricted diet regime week by week.

A long-term approach looks at changing food and lifestyle patterns from a habitual standpoint. These habits must change, and this takes time and dedication. There is no magic pill or quick fix plan that will solve your weight/health problems.

Our taste for food must change.  Our body, when balanced will tell us what we need to be nourished and sustain homeostasis within the body. We need to connect with that and expose ourselves to whole foods, minimally processed and eat a wide variety of this type of food.

What is the perfect breakfast to complement the Yes Chef Lite program?

Protein and healthy fats. By starting your day with a good serve of protein and healthy fats, we are ensuring we are satiated until the next meal and we also ensure our blood sugars are balanced, which means we are not at risk of experiencing a crash mid-morning which can affect our mood and productivity.

Think eggs, salmon, avocado, plenty of greens such as spinach, kale, olive oil.

What are your views on indulgences including coffee, alcohol and treats?

Everything in moderation. I don’t take things away from people and expect to see results or compliance afterwards. I feel that we perform at our best when we are not focused on lack rather abundance and having access to what we need. Choosing times when we can have a glass of wine (for example at an event, special occasion or a dinner with your partner) enjoying it in the present moment and then ensuring you are focussed on your health and wellbeing goals for the rest of your week and weekend.

This is the same for treats, I always try to find alternatives first. Can a recipe be slightly altered to make a healthier version, a simple swap from milk chocolate to a beautiful, rich dark chocolate.

Same for coffee, how many are we having per day, what are we adding to the coffee that could be detrimental to health?

Removing altogether doesn’t have to be the only option, let’s focus on moderation and how to substitute to improve our health and maintain our wellness goals.