Compostable Packaging

As part of our commitment to sustainability, all Yes Chef! packaging components are produced from fully compostable sugarcane, except for foil our trays which can be recycled once washed.

Packaging Collection Service

If you can’t compost your packaging yourself, we run a contactless ‘Opt In’ collection service which can be selected at checkout.

How it Works

1. At checkout select the following option as it applies to you:
New customers: select ‘Do you want a collection bag supplied with this order?’
Existing customers: select ‘Do you have packaging for collection?

2. Compact all of your empty containers together and place them in the biodegradable bag provided, sealing the bag by tying a knot.

3. To reduce odors or the possibility of attracting insects, we recommend to keep this bag in the fridge or freezer until your next delivery day. On your next delivery please leave the bag on your doorstep inside the box that you received your order in and we will bring it back to base and compost in our organic waste bin.

Please remember to let us know upon check out if you have used packaging for collection each time you order, and select the option to have your meals provided with the collection bag if you plan to recycle with us.