Heating Instructions: Mix the hoisin sauce with the tofu and shitake mix, and microwave until heated to your liking. Spoon the mushroom and tofu into the witlof cups, dress your salad and serve enjoy!

Ingredients : Shitake mushroom, tofu, spring onions, vermicelli noodles, cucumber, endive, hoisin sauce, coriander, spring onions, mixed herbs, chives, peanut oil, soy sauce

* witlof is subject to change due to weather conditions affecting produce availability

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Seared barramundi, potato & celeriac pommes anna, greens & salsa verde – BARRAVEG

Heating Instructions: Preheat oven to 200°C. Place the barramundi and gratin on a small baking tray and bake for 20 min. When the barramundi is nearly ready, cook the vegetables in boiling water for 2 min. To plate up, squeeze the lemon into the salsa verde and drizzle over the fish and vegetables. Enjoy!

Ingredients : Barramundi fillet, potato, celeriac, bone broth, onions, dried thyme, broccoli, green beans. Salsa verde: parsley, capers, shallot, mint, garlic, white pepper, lemon juice, butter, olive oil

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